Cooling units & Heat Exchangers

A brand-new line of thermal control units to cool electrical enclosures.

Air conditioning in electrical cabinet allows proper functioning of internal components, maintaining ideal working temperature and avoiding device failure or damages. Fandis North America has expanded its line of air conditioning and thermal solutions, introducing a new line of cooling units and heat exchangers. This brand-new solutions integrates the current cooling unit catalogue, with Peltier technology.

Cooling Units: Air Conditioner for electrical panels

We have collected a number of advantages deriving from the use of our cooling systems for electrical cabinets. For more information, please please see the air conditioners section on Fandis North America.

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  • Aluzinc, stainless steel and outdoor Type 4X versions
  • 4 mounting options: partially recessed, recessed, external and total external
  • Side or top installation
  • Maintenance-free operation due to the absence of lters
  • Internal temperature control (built-in mechanical or electronic thermostat)

No condensation

Thanks to the setting of the internal thermostat to 95°F / 35°C (ideal temperature for safe use) there’s no condensation risk.

Mounting options for cooling units

With three versions in a single drilling template (external, semi-recessed, total recessed) you will have various mounting options for our cooling units.

Low maintenance

With no-filters technology you will have low maintenance to apply to our cabinets cooling units and air conditioning systems for electrical enclosure.

Avoid air short circuit

Thanks to the large distance between intake point and exhaust opening, you will avoid short circuit issue, in electrical enclosure.

Multiple versions of cooling units

Multiple cooling units and air conditioner versions available, for any need: the outdoor Type 4X version, the space saving roof version version, and the stainless steel version.

Heat Exchangers: optimal functioning temperature

Thanks to heat exchangers you can maintain the optimal functioning temperature for any device in electrical cabinet and enclosures. More information are available on the Fandis North America website.

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  • Aluzinc version
  • Side or top installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Finned coil with high speci c thermal power (air/air)
  • Operational safety against water ingress into the cabinet (air/water)

High efficiency

Finned coil with high specific thermal power (air-air version).


Operational safety against water ingress into the cabinet (air-water version)

Low maintenance

Cleaning only the coil with compressor air, as required

More about cooling system solutions.

Cooling system solutions for electrical enclosures (cooling units and heat exchanger) are the optimal solution for dehumidifying and cooling the air inside an enclosure or electrical box.

Air conditioners are the ideal solutions when an active cooling is required, in electrical panels, in unfavorable outside temperature conditions and with an average polluted atmosphere.

Thanks to the internal thermostat set at 95°F / 35°C, the Fandis KCU series air conditioners ensure safe use in all environmental and operational conditions, without any risk of condensation.

  • Can be used in extreme thermal conditions (up to 131°F / 55°C).
  • Avoid contact between external and internal air.
  • No condensation in electrical enclosure.
  • Protection from water, dust, humidity.
  • Mechanical or electronic thermostat can integrate malfunctioning alarm.


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